September 21, 2011

I have 1 day left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post

My look has come together thanks to some shopping and some makeup lessons with my roommate.  I won't say too many details because I want to be able to post a picture tomorrow sometime.  All I'll say is I know what shoes I'm wearing (though I may have broken one of them slightly on accident BUT still wearable), I know what dress I'm wearing (the votes are in and my decision has been made), my hair style has been practiced so bringing extra hair products will be good to bring just in case it falls out, and I know what accessories to use and makeup to apply.  My storage bin is mostly full of everything and I will put the rest in a backpack.  I hope to God nothing gets bent or broken or messed up in any way, so let's hope the Portfolio Gods will smile down on me tomorrow!  Uh it's tomorrow.

TOMORROW!  At 1pm.  Which is 18 hours away.  18!!!  That's 1080 minutes.  (Phew, using a large number like that makes it seem a little more far away than such a small number as 18.  I feel a tad better now haha.)

This whole thing is more real today than it was yesterday but what has been helping my nerves is constantly trying on what I'm going to wear and listening to my self-proclaimed graduation song: September by Earth Wind & Fire (though technically the song is about Sept 21 - today - and the show is tomorrow, I just don't care about this menial detail).

Portfolio Update:  Working on my last few tweaks right now and the extra giveaway magnets are printing as we SPEAK!  Those will be cut and then I will add the leaves to my seed packet giveaways (I totally bought bay leaves at the store instead of going to a park because I am lazy and the leaves are the perfect shape so TOO BAD).  Then it will be getting to bed earlier than usual (before 11 or midnight hopefully), getting up around 8am hopefully to get all pretty, and ta... freakin'... DA.

Donezo after 14 hours technically because then the show will be over.  DONE... ZO.  I'm officially taking down the countdown app on my Google desktop sidebar thing.  I'm well aware that you will expire tomorrow.

I don't have much to do anymore so I'd better stop blogging and finish creating.  (For portfolio show, I will never stop creating when it comes to LIFE!)  After all, I only have 1 FREAKING DAY.

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