September 8, 2011

I have 14 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
Panicking?  More like panicking because I am not panicking... though that sounds unnecessary.

I'll make this one shorter because I'm realizing my sickness has some sort of connection to how much sleep I'm getting (um that's a big fat DUH).

In class I was told several things about my problematic process book and unfinished media kit to the point where I was snapping at my teacher (it was another all-nighter and she's picky for a reason hello one more class left and everything's DONE next week).  GAH I had to finish up the media kit as close as I could tonight and emailed it to her so I hope it's not as bad as I think it is.  Printing should be done in literally days.

Guess who's got the whole weekend planned with homework and football?  THIS KID! (I can only call myself "kid" for so long, mind you.)  So in between the pigskin on the TV and sleeping and eating, I will be hopefully finishing up files and printing and binding!  I still have a lot to do so I'd better stop blogging and continue creating (and sleeping).  After all, I only have 14 days.

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