September 1, 2011

I have 21 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
THREE WEEKS?!  Seriously?

That seemingly unattainable reality known as "the real world" begins in 21 days... not sure if I should restrain from a fetal position or create a celebratory jingle in relation to my accomplishments in life up until now and my excitement for the next steps in my life (I'd probably title it the "Mandy's Adult Life" song).  Either way, life is going to get easy and hard and fun and scary but probably feel the exact same as the life I had before and currently have now but with both less and more stress.  If that makes any sense at all.

In my defense, it's 12-something AM.  Deal.

Process of My Portfolio Update: Check it out it's GORGEOUS:!  All the projects I want are up and absolutely fabulous (no matter how much more time I want to put in them they're as fabulous as I can get them thus far).  All my copy has been approved (thank you Sharon and Stover for murdering my ditsy/unprofessional copy and turning it into something worthy of professionals and the like to read - a.k.a. I need to stop using so many commas and utilize a thesaurus).  Ooh, and my "artist statement" header on the home page will be TRANSFORMED into a gorgeous call-to-action-like statement of what my "beyond the pixels" phrase means (suggested by my lovely academic director Celeste, she's basically awesome), but I have yet to create the exact definition and I'm really excited to create it!  Hopefully I'll have it ready by my next blog post.  Print-wise, I still have a chunk to do after having an all-nighter two nights ago that left my loopy and distraught for... probably until now.  I have 2 main things for the print: the process book, and the media kit that need to be printed in a few weeks.  Not knowing for sure what the media kit is or does during my said all-nighter, I was still able to show something for critique this week and after reviewing it they told me to redo it.  The process book is halfway done but after the review it's more like 35% done.  Another all-nighter ahead?  I'd say a few more.

My parents and grandma and supervisor at work and boss-man of work are all coming to my portfolio show so that's gonna be awesome.  Waiting for packages in the mail and the immanent 4-and-1/2-day weekend coming up (score!) to work on EVERYTHING so by then I should have (*crossing fingers*) 75% of the print files done and 99% of the website done?  (And by website, I mean it's probably at 96% now if I wanna break it down as precisely as possible in relation to my goal.)

Sickness Update: So I've been some form of sick for the past few weeks (and by few I mean this is the 7th week of a cold or flu or maybe-ear-infection to maybe-bacterial-thing to maybe-swollen-glands/taste buds thing; my immune system is out of whack), so I'd better force myself to make a doctor's appointment on Friday because as the "7th week" tidbit portrays I am sick of this being sick thing and need to get better for the show so I don't sound like a man, spread my germs over very important people, and feel like crud on top of my general nerves for the show itself which should be enough, hello!  Though at this point if I want to use percentages to rate my wellness level, I'd say I'm at a 90% at this very moment (though the rest of the day felt like 75% and the rest of the last week felt like 87%).

AND as I sign off tonight I'll mention that my so-cute-it-kills-me cat Jimmy is being ridiculously adorable right now and distracting me from literally everything (all he's doing is cat-napping and my love for him grows exponentially) so getting sidetracked by my kitty is something I should practice avoidance with because 1) I need to sleep right now hello the time, and 2) I still have a lot to do so I'd better stop blogging and continue creating.  After all, I only have 21 days.

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