September 19, 2011

I have 3 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
So I may or may not get my money back for prints that may or may not be recycled because they were so utterly crappy due to incompetence that may or may not be the fault of an employee or a printer company.

That's where I'm at thus far.

Three whole days and its all over.  Just a week or so of break back home in NV, then full time work and paying off student loans - which will take the rest of my life to pay off I'm sure but WORTH IT I can only hope.  College aint free.

Portfolio Update: My first sentence summed up my last prints that I had to redo on my own on my cheep home printer.  Now after hopefully getting my money back and getting my redo process book bound, all this will be behind me (and the money I could use for thrift store money back in my pocket).  Just code tweaks and the extra giveaways left and I'm FREEEEEEEE!!

I have the urge to do some sort of happy dance, but that could be an accidental curse on the Portfolio Show gods for celebrating too early.  I'll hold it in for a little while. *swivels back and forth in the chair to show at least some excitement*

After my celebratory swivels are over, I still have a lot to do so I'd better stop blogging (and swiveling) and continue creating.  After all, I only have 3 days.

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