September 17, 2011

I have 5 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
The title of this blog is misleading since today - a.k.a. the day I just had - was my LAST OFFICIAL CLASS DAY of college... ever.  Or at least Ai.

Bittersweet?  Yes, but as my friend Jackie says I'm more "sad-cited" - sad + excited - than anything.  Besides the thumping almost-migrane I had most of the day, it's been a great last-day-of-classes day.  The presentation for class went well - besides my obvious nerves I pushed through it yay me - and then we watched a comedy (finally a comedy, the entire Film & Society class was watching depressing movies until today) and da da-da DAHHHH I'm done.

DONEZO... with classes.

Portfolio Update: I don't exactly feel donezo yet because I have still enough to prepare for the portfolio show.  AND not to mention the prints that I picked up today were utter CRAP (don't go to the UPS store for anything more than pages with black ink or you're gonna get an incompetent high-school-aged punk messing up and throwing $70 of paper out the window).  Can't wait to stomp over there tomorrow to give 'em a piece of my MIND uhh.  Don't want to have to print all of this at home on my printer that may explode over the workload.

Also, I had 2 dresses I bought for the show that I didn't know which one to wear, so I put up a little poll on my Facebook page to see what my friends thought I should wear (a gray dress that's a little fancy w/ a red bow or a green dress that's a little more conservative) so after days of debate between my friends and family I have come to a consensus!  I won't say which I'm going to wear yet, I'll wait until the day of to reveal my choice. =D

Now I WOULD be working on my screensaver file right now but I've got friends over so I'll get to that tomorrow after my chew-out over the prints.  I still have a lot to do so I'd better stop blogging and continue creating (after my friends leave).  After all, I only have 5 days.

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