September 16, 2011

I have 6 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
I just finished my last homework assignment of my Ai college experience... basically.

Just studying for the final in the morning, class in the afternoon to present and take the final, and I'm donezo.

DONEZO.  You'd think a soon-to-be college student would come up with a more educated word but it just feels right to add ZO at the end of DONE.  It just does.

Portfolio Update: UPS's toner still needs to be replaced so my last few files BETTER be done tomorrow after class or I will cancel the job and go somewhere else that can get it done in a few minutes and not three days (not exactly in a hurry yet, I just picked UPS because they're close to my house).  I got my signage printed at school and it's close to fantastic (the tan color never prints right but that's my fault for picking such an awkward tan color as a primary background of most of my portfolio).  The No Hastle for the Tastle event went well and now I have an Alumni ID.  AN ALUMNI ID!  I might have felt slightly grown up today thanks to the word ALUMNI slapped across the bar that used to stay STUDENT.  Even though I still have to go to class tomorrow as a student... my growth as an alumni have been stunted for only 4 hours, though.  Have no fear. =p

I may want to keep working on my screensaver file while I'm still awake enough to function my computer mouse, so I'd better stop blogging and continue creating.  After all, I only have 6 days.

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