September 15, 2011

I have 7 days left of college.

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
Panicing NOW?!  Not really.  Yay?

Process of My Portfolio Update: Today was the day I turned in my process book and media kit files to the UPS store to get them printed and bound and all fancy-schmany because my printer at home can't handle 129 pages of color ink without blowing up.  The pages should be ready tomorrow after I get to school and print out my signage (and then the cutting board mechanism my dad gave me continues to save my life as I will cut the stair-step effect into 100 of those pages).  Website-wise, I just have a few code changes, checking spelling LIKE A BOSS on all of my portfolio pieces because my content is more intern level than boss level, eliminating dummy comments on the database sites I made so I don't sound like a total noob, and probably do some tiny design tweaks to a few pieces if I have time because nothing is ever done in my eyes.  Also, as I'm typing this I am tinkering around in Photoshop for a screen saver idea for the show!  So when my screen hasn't been touched in a while at my booth, I'll have pictures in a (for lack of a better word) fancy-schmancy slideshow looking interface, it's EXQUISITE TRUST ME.  From this point on, I have my last Web Design class ever at Ai done and my graduation form is only a few signatures away from turning into a DIPLOMA (woo)!  Tomorrow is the "No Hastle for the Tastle" event where I get the rest of the signatures done and then my last class is Friday and then SHA-ZAM I'm an alumni!

Sickness Update:  Never got around to making a doctor's appointment - due to being busy, lazy and quite frankly stubborn - but I'm feeling loads better because all the cold and flu symptums I had previously are gonzo.  Still a little puffy in general, so my consensus is I'm allergic to Jimmy =(  Have no fear, allergy medicine is in vast supply!  One variety works as well as dirt, and another has given me horrid migraines (so much for feeling better between the hours of 3pm and 7pm =/) but the latest variety has yet to kick in so cross your fingers I don't pass out tomorrow from drowsiness or bounce off the walls with hyperness.  One of these is bound to happen.

And not getting enough sleep probably won't help. (Hi there 3am, wazzaaaaaaaaaaa...)


Sleep-schmeep, I still have a lot to do so I'd better stop blogging and continue creating.  (This screensaver interface keeps getting more and more exquisite by the MINUTE hallelujah!)  After all, I only have 7 days.

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