February 2, 2012

How I react to "celebrities."

What Mandy Thinks: "Oh The Places" post(In order to appreciate this post to its fullest, you should know who the vlogbrothers are: http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers.  I only say "celebrities" with quotes because these guys are only fairly popular if you know who they are (and regularly raid the time-waster-of-awesome known as YouTube), and calling them celebrities doesn't seem to do their awesomeness justice.  That is all.)

Five hours of waiting in line to sign my copy of "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green on the TFiOS Tour later, I finally get to the table with my book in John's hands.

John: "Hi, Mandy." (He only said that because the handlers ripped my book away from me and put my name on a sticky note so the whole signing process would go a smidge faster.)

Me: "Hey, John.  I'm so sorry you're still here."  (Checks watch.)  "It's kind of... tomorrow now."  (It was literally 12:01am.)

Waiting in line for TFiOS night! (01-27-2012)
John: "Oh no, it's quite alright." (Cocks head slightly at the realization.  Turns to Hank next to him.)  "Hank, welcome to tomorrow."

(Hank and John laugh.)

John signs my book and pushes it towards me.  I take a step to my left and I'm standing right in front of Hank, John's brother who's part of the tour.  He's been mostly signing his CD's but also books.  But at this point, my book was in my hands and not pushed over to him.

One awkward second goes by and we're just staring at each other.

Me: "Are you allowed to sign my book?"  (Insert internal face-palm here.  STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.)

Hank (nonchalant): "Pff, I so AM allowed to sign your book.  In fact..."  I'm tuning out now, probably just saying he's signing the book with a cartoon fish because that's what I watched him do and then he hands the book back to me and I'm on my way, grabbing a free poster and completely forgetting to say hi to Hank's wife who was sitting right next to him.

How sad is it that I become more bumbling of an idiot to the brother of the author than the actual author?

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