June 26, 2012

Guess who's rebranding?!

What Mandy Thinks: "Real-Person Chronicles" post
THIS CHICK! (Points to self proudly.)

Yeah yeah it's been MONTHS since I've posted any update to my real-person life, but nothing fantastical has happened in my seemingly mundane life...

UNTIL NOW.  Drum roll please...

I am rebranding my "missmanderz" portfolio website, this blog (notice the "What Mandy Thinks" title change) AND including 2 brand new matching-in-branding sites that will encompass my awesomeness in the newly ventured world of craft blogging as well as that Etsy store I keep meaning to set up (whoops sorry, I got lazy ok?)  I plan to set up 4 - count 'em - FOUR new domains.  The "What Mandy Thinks" blog retitle is a sneak peak at what's to come.

Don't you worry, faithful followers!  This blog's premise will stay the same (basically I find myself up super late at night and wanting to talk about something), but soon it will be a little more organized and *SO MUCH PRETTIER.*  (Notice the fireworks around that cause OH YES it's gonna be firework-worthy, I assure you.  And I'm the kid who was born on New Years Eve - fireworks are kinda my thang.)  The rebrand as a whole will have a design set up for all 4 sites but change slightly depending on the site you're on, so I think I'll launch the rebrand on here first then go nuts with the rest.

Why am I rebranding, you ask?  To be frank, I'm bored of my old brand.  It's just so... brown... and I like to think of myself as a colorful person!  It worked for portfolio show and in all it's professional charm nine-ish months ago (nine-ish months?  AH WHA?!) but it's time for something that feels more like the newer, simpler, quirkier, more colorful-er me.  Another reason: I'm itching to design something again.  Freelancing for me is at the do-a-site-for-a-good-friend-for-free stage right now (because any other stage scares me to death at this point), my from-home myTab job is suuuuuper slow right now in the design department (stretching invoices like nobody's business), and my full-time office job is a lot more client-nagging and a lot less Photoshop-fussing than I'm used to (oh Photoshop how I've missed you old buddy).  It's time to brush the dust off my Adobe CS collection and get back to exercising my design muscles again.  (Stretches across the room writs-first *ow* curse you tendons.)

I'll keep as much under wraps as possible now about all this rebrand nonsense, but I'll keep you posted (or you'll just notice that the site is fancier than you've remembered and all of what I'm saying is old news... then rejoice in the new brand glory that is What Mandy Thinks)!

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