September 25, 2012

Being donezo: 1 year later...

What Mandy Thinks: "College" post
It's safe to say I don't feel retired anymore.

Oh do I wish to be back in the "4 months later" post.  Home every single day, running errands whenever I want, doing work whenever me and boss lady want to get it done, the gloriousness of Photoshop open the entire time I'm working, and oh so much freedom...


That's not the real world for me anymore.  I'm in a full time office job nagging clients all day and dealing with an unsatisfied boss.  I still have the from-home job but it's almost non-existent with the lack of work that does not pay the bills like the full time job does.  I go OUTSIDE almost every day.  I'm working hard.  I've still got some time for fun stuff like random roadtrip weekends with the besties, concerts, and such while there's no homework to bog me down besides the actual home WORK on occasion (and that is the least bogging part of a day).  The cat gets me up at 6am every morning and I end up staying awake instead of sleeping til 11 like my from-home days, and then getting to bed at 11ish every night or I feel like murdering somebody the next morning.  I juggle projects at work (that sometimes get juggled later that night), juggling socialness that I barely had and am truly enjoying more than I used to, and the juggling feels good.  As you can see, my rebrand is shaping up nicely (as of this post the rebrand of this site is up for the most part), I am in the development process for my portfolio rebrand, and there's photo shoots taking place for the products I hope to sell on Etsy the beginning of next year.

Anywho, I miss college as those "best days of my life" and all that mumbo jumbo, but I definitely don't miss MY college.  Since the day I left, everything has changed.  Most of the staff I've grown with and loved through my schooling are gone, either laid off because the EDMC sucks at money management or they left before the layoffs.  The curriculum is the same and luckily my teachers are still there, so technically  not everything has changed... it just seems like such a different school now.  I don't exactly want to recommend it to people anymore.  It was great while I was there, but since most of the people that made it so special are no longer there it will never be the same.

To sum up, I'll keep this post shorter than my usual ramblings.  All I want to say is that it feels WEIRD... freakin' WEIRD that it's been a year ago today since my portfolio show and official end of college.  The real world was a cake walk at first but now it's not exactly the right amount of work and play (currently).  Insert your "I told you so!"'s because all in all life sucks.  Affording food is getting harder.  I have to move out of the apartment soon and maybe find another job (on top of what I have or to replace what I have, I seriously don't know which and it's all because of money).  So let's hope something amazing happens soon so I can blog in less depressing undertones.  Goodbye, lovelies!  I plan to return with a better attitude soon.

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