October 18, 2012

I need to read more.

What Mandy Thinks: "Real-Person Chronicles" post
Growing up, I had an above average love for reading due to my mother's obsession with mystery novels, my antisocial tendencies causing me to favor fictional characters as friends more than actual human friends, and the fact that most of my social experiences in middle school happened in libraries.  I am definitely not a fast reader (8th grade reading level in high school is not something to brag about), but there was always something for me to enjoy every few months.  Fast-forward to present day when I'm not working or socializing and you'll see me sometimes writing, occasionally designing, often times zoning out in front of the tube, almost all the time sleeping, and rarely opening a book for pleasure.


Due to my new-found anxiety of having "too much stuff" (says the girl who grew up in a house that was a dumpster away from an episode of Hoarders) due to my pending move and nagging roommates, I have been slowly giving away and tossing things I know I will never use and/or somebody else could.  This includes my collection of books.  More than half of my collection has turned into web design reference books from college that I would either a) never read again, b) may skim again later on but could find that same info in a Google search, or c) totally keep if it wasn't so gosh-dang HUGE on my shelf.

Problem: Books waste space, especially ones I don't use often.  Solution: An eReader!

Ok ok, first off I used to HATE the idea of reading books from a tablet.  I've been known to say that the "old book smell" is my drug of choice.  The feeling and smell of the paper and the action of turning the page brings me comfort a tablet could never duplicate.  However, these tablets won't be eliminating books altogether (or at least not for a while I hope *crosses fingers*).  I still see myself buying books in printed format (hello Kristan Higgins rom-com collection I will never let you go), but there's soooooo many books available in digital form.  One click or button push could mean an instant download of a book that will take up no space at all, and if I don't want it anymore I can delete it without any work on my part?  AND I can get magazines on this thing?  YES PLEASE.

To be fair, I sucked it up and tried an app for my phone with a purchase of a book to beta test what its like.  Surprisingly, I could actually read faster.  (One page at a time equals less ADD wandering eyes that slows me down and bores me.)  Access to ZILLIONS of books in an instant and there's no "stuff" in my way?  Yep, I'm getting me an eReader.


Now that I know it's on its way, there's so many books on my wishlist.  I've downloaded a plethora of free samples and the list just keeps on growing.  I plan to get a library card wherever I move to soon since I never got around to getting one (limiting the books I purchase by just checking out books old-school style).  I have a Goodreads account and love tracking my progress through books in a social way.  As soon as this miracle reading device lands on my doorstep, there's gonna be an epic literary shopping spree.

HUZZAH, my love for reading has officially been rejuvenated! 


  1. We only nag because we live in a one bedroom apartment and their are three of us. Need room to breath!

  2. Pff, it won't matter so much once I'm in my own place BUT I'm trying!


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