October 31, 2012

SPOTD: Silly straws are silly.

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Consider this a new feature for the What Mandy Thinks blog: "Simple Pleasure of the Day!"  I'll acronym it SPOTD, or because I like to say acronyms as actual words, feel free to call it spot-duh.

My SPOTD today is a 3-pack of silly swirly straws I found discounted at a department store for TWO WHOLE DOLLARS.  (Score!)

What Mandy Thinks: Image of a silly straw inside a glass: "It stands up by itself in my fancy mason jar, how neat!"
It stands up by itself in my fancy mason jar, how neat!
Why I think this simple pleasure is in fact an awesome find:

- Silly straws are silly and silly things make me happy.

- The swirly straw rests perfectly in my mason glass I drink from most days.

- Isn't it said somewhere that drinking sugary drinks from a straw is better for your teeth?  Because my overly-sweetened iced tea obsession has yet to cease unlike my need for regular dentist appointments.

- Watching the liquid rise and fall through the swirls makes drinking beverages a smidge more fun.  This also includes making air bubbles.

- Washable, reusable, and comes in 3 colors (blue, green, and pink).

Happy Halloween, all!

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