November 8, 2012

Let's Review: Sexy eReader is sexy.

What Mandy Thinks: "Let's Review" post
When tablet readers first came out, I was not too excited.  Now that I actually have it... *Looks over at my fancy new tablet* Where have you been all my life, Kathy? (I named it Kathy.)

It's been almost a week since I've received it in the mail and I've been reading a few books on it so far.  And heck yes I'm calling this eReader "sexy" because this adjective is not used enough in my opinion when it comes to describing awesome things, so why not!

Appearance: 9 out of 10 (Can't think of anything wrong with its design.)
Usability: 9 out of 10 (There's still a few things I don't know how to do and that's fine for now.)
Resources available: 8 out of 10 (Lots of books and such to buy, don't see anything
Level of Annoyances: 1 out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10  (NOTE: I don't make any of my ratings 10/10 because I do not want to argue perfection, there's always something to improve on.  These are all of course based on personal preference.)


- Touch screen!  One touch depending on the part of the screen you touch is all it takes.

- Thin but not too thin.  (I have big hands and have a phobia of snapping a piece of thin technology in half by accident.)

- Edges are thick enough for me hold it and not grab the screen on accident.

- Light-up display that's easily changed.

- Adjustable everything: lights, fonts, font sizes, tons of settings to customize, etc.

- TONS of books, magazines, and more available.

- Able to be connected to any Wifi connection, and you can pay a one-time fee of 30 bucks for 3G capability with no monthly fees to use it.  I have the not-3G one, so my own internet connection at home is all I need.

- Minimal setup: The moment you turn it on from the first time, there's step-by-step instructions you have to get though.  It's already connected to the website you purchase it on and if you bought any books they're already backed up on "the cloud."


- Light inconsistencies that are only a slight annoyance: There's slight shadowing at the bottom of the screen (where the light originates from I guess), and I'm not sure if it's just my eyes playing tricks on me or if the slight blueish blob in the top left corner is actually there.

- Ads all the time:  This annoyance is my fault because I did not want to pay the extra 20-something bucks for an ads-free tablet.  The lock screen is a full screen ad that changes every once in a while, and theres no way to control the ads

- Sometimes the transitions black out so much I'm scared it's going to freeze or turn off on accident, but this is probably just me being paranoid and not used to the transition speed yet.

- The "Experimental Browser" is self-explanatory.  Any standard website looks horrid, definitely not something I would use on it anyways so I'm praying for a software update on this soon when they fix the bugs.

- There's no integration yet.  Not sure if the software will update where I can use and update my Goodreads profile easily.


- The On/Lock button is on the bottom, same with the logo of the tablet maker.

- Transitions between "pages" are inverted.  A mostly white-ish screen inverts to mostly black in a flash of a second or so.

If you haven't figured it out already, the eReader I purchased was the new Kindle Paperwhite.

What Mandy Thinks: Image of the Kindle Paperwhite

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid by anybody to say any of this stuff, and I only mention the brand because of personal preference.

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