November 17, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Family fun time!

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
This year there are two thanksgivings for my family.  Here in the Los Angeles area was Thanksgiving Part 1 with my dad's side of the family (four children under the age of 9 and 4 dogs included with their parents being my adult cousins, and also my uncle and aunt).  Next week will be Part 2 with my immediate family back in Nevada where we will gorge ourselves once again.  I only see this fun group a few times a year at most so when we do get together it's chaotic fun (especially since the children and the dogs added to the mix).  This day's SPOTD is spending time with my awesome dad's side of the family for family fun time!

When you live far away from family, it's good to see them as much as possible to:

- Catch up and feel the love!  My aunt and cousins are avid Facebookers so I'm mostly caught up throughout the year of their awesome lives, however the occasional post cannot compare to a hug and off-the-cuff conversation with someone you wish you could spend more time with.

- See the chillins grow!  My baby step-cousins (or are they second cousins?) - my cousin's children - are 8, 6, 4, and 1years old.  They must think my sister and I are sooooooo coooooool older kids because that's how I thought of my cousins as a kid.  "They're so old but not... old..."

-  Eat. A. Ton. Of. FOOD.  My grandparents are an inspiration to all our foods we make during these events (most recipe's from my grandma who passed away a few months ago, and my grandfather is in the hospital), so due to whatever grief and anxiety we all have for Tina'a passing and Lee's condition, there was a lot of food.  Even for an early Thanksgiving dinner.

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