November 1, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Pajama days are the best days.

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
The first Simple Pleasure of the Day (SPOTD) of the month happens to be a Pajama Day!  Ah the gloriousness of staring into space, rearranging nothing in particular, and telling yourself to not do the dishes: all in my favorite outfit!

Why I think this simple pleasure has been a comfortable day of awesome:
- My pajama outfit currently consists of an extra large pajama shirt (of giraffes of course), sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers.  I dare you to disagree that this outfit is not comfy.

- Pajama days are what I define as "I'm not going anywhere so who cares what I look like" days.  Hence makeup is non existent today as well as a bra.  All natural!

- I can also argue that pajama days also include "doing nothing as much as possible."  The most I've done today besides not getting dressed is get out of bed, write this post, and maybe eat something.

- Pajama days can take place in appropriate situations or locations like your home, at a friends home (when there is sleeping involved like a slumber party), and Halloween (if you have to be out in public but are too lazy or poor to get a costume).  Today was a from-home day so I fall under the "appropriate" category respectfully.  Pajamas days out in inappropriate situations such as church services, funerals, school (you be the judge), and weddings are not something I practice or encourage practicing for others.

- I can go downstairs and check the mail in my building and that will be all the exercise I get.

Now go throw on those PJ's and share the gloriousness with me.  Everybody's gotta have a lazy day every once in a while, why not today?

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