November 27, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: PIZZA

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My favorite food in the world ever and hopefully for all time is pizza.  I practically lived off of it weekly though college and at every major school function since that was always their food choice to get the students in the door.  Granted I haven't had much of a relationship with pizza lately, so I choose pizza as my SPOTD to rekindle my love for the stuff.  Although my pizza lunch today came out of a microwave dinner box, pizza is pizza no matter where it comes from.

Pizza is superb in so many ways:

- The ingredients all work so well together.  Bread, cheeses, sauces, meats, and other condiments or what have you just taste better together all warm and gooey and AWESOME.

- I have grown tired of burgers after the age of ten when backyard barbeques in Wyoming were more common than take-out.  Cheeseburgers are alright on occasion, but pizza has substituted this "Americana" food void in my book (if you exclude the sweet deliciousness of hot dogs).

- There's so many variations of pizza that it's easy to mix things up while still keeping your love for a specific food satisfied.  Cheese one day, pepperoni the next, etc etc.

- If I've liked it this long and have not ONCE been tired of it, it's gonna stick around.

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