November 5, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Singing badly in the car

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My new job is about an hour commute one-way by car, so I had two solid hours of today's SPOTD: I sang badly in my car to the radio full-blast with the windows rolled down.  Since I haven't driven much since my last job started (where taking the train was a better/faster way to get there), this is something I have missed being able to do on an almost daily basis.

Why singing in the car (whether with passengers or alone, good or bad) is an acceptable car trip activity (as long as you can still focus on driving):

- Singing is ALWAYS fun whether you can actually sing or not.

- There's less people to annoy because even though you're in "public," it's an enclosed public place.  Singing to loud music while in a classroom during a lecture is not an acceptable public place to do so (unless you have a really awesome teacher or your lecture is about loud music and singing).

- When singing with others in a car, it's comradery, bonding fun-time with your pals or family or whoever.  Silly fun time with you friends is always acceptable.

Driving in silence is sometimes pleasant, but could also be EXCEEDINGLY BORING especially for two whole hours of your day.  Some people like to take their commute time to get lost in their thoughts.  I'd rather get lost in SONGS.  So next time you're in a car, turn it up and screech while you can because trust me it is AWESOME. (Just don't do it if you are easily distracted and cannot drive to the best of your ability.)

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