November 9, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A warm neck

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
For an average day in November in the Bay Area, 50-something degrees as a high is worthy of a complaint. Especially if your neck is cold. My SPOTD for today is my favorite scarf keeping ms comfy and content (and not complaining).

Scarves are essential for cold days and here is why:

- There is an amazing piece of your body in your neck that controls your body temperature and it is called your thyroid. Cover it and be amazed!

- Wrapping your neck with extra layers eliminates the need for extra layers all over your body. Have an ugly warm jacket? That's ok, just wear a SCARF with a cute less warm jacket and you're all set (weather permitted).

- Scarves are easy to make, cheap to buy, and gosh dangit everybody can wear them and look fabulous!

- I have yet to hear somebody say they they regretted wearing a scarf.

My collection of scarves has increased and will always be useful so I suggest you invest in a scarf before you decide to b*tch about how cold you are.

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