November 14, 2012

SPOTD: Cloud Gazing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
First off, I am not promoting distracted driving.  With this out of the way, I was practicing distracted driving this morning when I noticed some awesome cloud formations ahead of me while waiting in commute congestion.  There was a giant mustache/beard cloud combo near a scroll-shaped cylinder that had bumps near the bottom like fingers wrapped around it.  This appeared to me like some bearded dude in the sky handing me an important document.  (And if that sounds peculiar, it's because I am running on lack of sleep so everything seemed peculiar yet fantastic this morning.)

My Simple Pleasure of the Day is cloud gazing.  I haven't really taken the time to just stare at clouds going by in a long time.  Mostly because the fog blurs any formations I could point out.  Other times it's because I'm indoors too often for my own good.

I like cloud gazing because:

- It's a soothing lazy activity that lets my mind wander.

- It brings me back to those "everything's going to be alright" child-like perspectives.  The simple things in life such as staring at clouds is one of the reasons why I wanted to do these daily SPOTD posts.  Keep up that child-like perspective as long as you can.

- Finding shapes is good for your right side of your brain.  It's like solving a puzzle in the sky or creating stories with the shapes, or any of that creative mumbo jumbo even though your left side of your brain knows they are just clouds.  It's fun, deal with it.

- Sun gazing causes eye damage.  There's only one sun that doesn't move around like clouds do, even if you could look at it for more than a few seconds without screaming in pain.  Clouds are much easier on the eyes.

I'm still wondering what that scroll could have been.  Or it could have been a baseball bat... should I be worried I'd get whacked today? Haha

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