November 22, 2012

SPOTD: Elastic waistbands

Thanksgiving Part 2 with the immediate family would not have been possible without the necessary item I am so happy I packed for today's Simple Pleasure of the Day: elastic waistband sweatpants.  Although I had eaten my fill and then some, I would not have been able to eat as much of the turkey deliciousness as humanly possible without the stretch of my sweatpants.  Thousands of calories and a heaping of regret later, my pants have held up through it all.

Elastic waistband clothing is better than non-elastic clothing and here's why:

- The comfort factor.  Elastic stretches and holds clothing up against any body size so there's no need for belts or fancy diets you have to go through in order to fit into super tight clothing.  Eat all you want and your pants will stretch with you.

- The guilt factor.  Some use sweats as comfort from external and emotional circumstances.  General guilt, a breakup, or other disappointing things that pop up in your life will feel a little less dyer and depressing when you can curl up in a pair of sweats and some ice cream.  I've learned from personal experience.

- The fashion factor.  Sweats in general are not normally known for fashion, but there are some matching and form-fitting sweats that make your comfortable look not-so-terrible.

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