November 2, 2012

SPOTD: Finishing a semi-good book

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day comes later in the day because I am a slow and horribly distracted reader.  I finished a book I deem "semi-good." It's ending may have thrown me off since it was absolutely the opposite of what is to be expected for the books I normally read, but it was still very worth my time.

Why ending a book that partly pisses you off and partly makes your insides smile is not particularly a bad thing:
- Reading is good for you regardless of your preference towards the book's end.
- You could have done something unpleasant like giving your cat a bath or pleasant like catching up on your favorite show that just appeared online, but instead you read this book (in this case being somewhere down the middle of a hypothetical pleasant scale).
- At least it's over... start a new book!  Hope it will end better than the one you read or just be happy you're reading.

Now I must update my Goodreads status because I am hopelessly obsessed.  AND I plan on getting my new eReader in the mail early next week (yay!) so expect me to continue reading at a pace not seen since my mother's mystery novel obsession until the foreseeable future.

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