November 20, 2012

SPOTD: Lunch with coworkers

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day is some brief bonding with coworkers over lunch.  Technically most of the bonding occurred on the walk to buy the food and back to the office, so it wasn't a out-of-the-office sit-down lunch like some sort of special occasion.  I just haven't been "to lunch" with my coworkers since I started weeks ago.  TV-Dinner-themed lunches alone at the office are fine if your poor like me, but it could get lonely and boring with the empty chairs and boxed meals mocking you on a daily basis.

Occasional employee lunches (whether walks-to-get-lunch or sitting-down-at-a-restaurant-together lunch) boost employee moral and make your job a little nicer because:

- This is the time to have casual informal conversations with your coworkers.  Gossip, joke around, make fun of each other, etc.  This is on your time so avoid talking about work stuff and just relax and eat and enjoy the company.

- Getting to know your coworkers over food doesn't affect your work schedule project-wise since you've set aside time to chat instead of take time away from a deadline.

- Loneliness during a work day could eat away at you especially if your job is mundane.  This goes for being indoors all day, too.  My office is in a basement with no windows or way to tell what it's like outside.  

Get up, go out, and take a break to go get food in with your coworkers and the day will be less dank, dark, lonely, or in my case mocking.

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