November 24, 2012

SPOTD: Mother/Daughter Cookie Bonding

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My mother is good at many things, but one thing she is REALLY good at is making gingerbread cookies for the holidays.  (And not your run-of-the-mill gingerbread cookies, they're like CAKE they're so fluffy!)  The way to make them is kind of particular and sort of a family recipe, so it's assumed that I would carry on this tradition at some point.  So when visiting the parents in NV for Thanksgiving weekend, the days after the gorge-yourself day are cookie-baking days.  This includes my Simple Pleasure of the Day: making cookies with my mother.

Baking with family is a great way to spend time and bond because:

- Sharing recipes while chit-chatting are the things that family memories are made of (well not literally made... of... but you know what I mean.)  Carry on traditions with recipes that you can share with your own family and spread down the line, and have fun while you're sharing them.

- Baking in general is fun to do but when you're making several batches of something alone it's not as enjoyable.  Surrounded by sweats you just wanna gulp down yourself because of loneliness is something I picture myself doing, so it's good for me to start out the recipe with witnesses present to show I didn't eat anything.  Though I did sneak a few mini M&M's...

- COOKIES ARE DELICIOUS   How many people do you know bond over making a meal of turnips or something gross-sounding like turnips?  Bond over delicious things and the time spent will taste a little sweater.

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