November 26, 2012

SPOTD: Scene storming

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Writing has not been easy to make time for this month (ironically, thanks NaNoWriMo), but on my way home from work, brainstorming for one of my novel concepts or as I like to call it "scene storming" caught my attention as my Simple Pleasure of the Day.

Random scene storms can happen anywhere, and have occurred for me everywhere including:

- Commute hours when your mind wanders away from the long day you had or the long day you are about to face.

- In your sleep while dreaming of something that reminds you of one of your stories, or your dream could even be the start of a new story altogether.

- While listening to music where a certain lyric strikes you as something one of your characters could reference or say at a point in the story.

- In mid conversation with somebody for no reason whatsoever and it makes you go "AHA!" mid-sentence to make that somebody thrown off and think you're crazy.

- At 2am when suddenly nothing matters more than the thoughts you've conjured out of nowhere to where even sleep is not of highest priority until the thoughts have materialized into notes, outlines, and detailed imagery for your brain to munch on before letting yourself pass out finally.

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