November 30, 2012

SPOTD: Work appreciation

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day is knowing I am appreciated at work.  My new job has been amazing thus far.  All the complimenting and project handling and fancy restyling has not gone to my head, so that's good.

Feeling appreciated at work helps you:

- Work more productively.  Motivation comes from several places, including the knowledge that whoever you're going to show your latest project will absolutely love it and will have great things to suggest for you to fix and you'll feel great knowing you can make it better and blah blah blah it's GREAT.

- Build stronger relationships with coworkers.  Not super strong, just slightly stronger than those who treat each other like acquaintances constantly like there's some sort of boundary between your "work self" and "real self".  My job has me showing both and being able to do so freely and awesomely.

- Stick to roots.  The past few years I have had a lot of jobs that lasted less than two years.  Part of it was thinking I needed to gain more experience elsewhere to be more "well-rounded" for that job that I expected to find after graduation.  I guess I found that just-right job because my experience has paid off and I do not want to go anywhere.

Excuse me while I ponder ideas for a project I have to finish over the weekend (which would normally be hell but this job makes me want to work MORE and MORE and it's almost unfair how nice it is to want to work and work for them).

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