December 25, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: All-day napathon

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
A typical Christmas Day in the Norman household consists of a) napping, b) present opening, c) Christmas movies, and d) more napping.  This year however has been the most nappiest of any nappy napping days.  My SPOTD for today is my almost-all-day napathon that lasted most of the daylight hours.

All-day napping is the superior kind of napping because:

- You're caught up on sleep several times over.  The night before I was up late reading a book with the anticipation of my all-day nap approaching.  Once the presents were open and the awesomeness of Christmas was mostly over (by 9am), it was next stop Nap Town.

-  Sometimes a "full night" just isn't enough.  Sleep is occasionally restrictive towards hobbies, projects, work, etc etc especially if inspiration or productiveness comes easiest at night.  After a few days of Mostly Awake time spent on fun anti-sleep activities, an all-day nap session recharges your batteries to get back to a normal sleep schedule... or just do it all over again.

- Quick naps leave you hanging.  Whether it's twenty minutes or two hours, small naps just make me wanna wring out all the after-nap fuzzy feelings into a sleep repository to save for later so I can feel more chipper now and sleepier later.

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