December 23, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Cheap food prices!

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Being poor is not so bad as long you know where to look for my SPOTD: food priced cheaply.  I am visiting home in Nevada for the holidays.  There were a few things to purchase today including a Mac charger since I left my only charger at the office SO that's a whopping 85 bucks I will never see again.  (I cringed at the price at the Apple store and the sale associate just laughed at me.)  However, I am thoroughly grateful to whoever signed off on bringing a Wal-Mart near my parents house because if it weren't for the cheapness in price for food, I would not be eating when I get back to my apartment.

Cheap food prices are swell especially when:

- It's the exact same stuff that you pay twice the price for.  NV Wal-Mart is half the price of CA Safeway's near me almost, how screwed up is that?

- It's the holidays.  Stuff gets marked down even if it isn't Christmasy.  Milk was even half off when I went shopping for my mom the other day.  Why is the dairy industry deciding to be awesome and let me pay half the price of the almost half the price for the same milk basically just because it's December 23rd?  Don't know, don't care!

- There's almost nothing in your wallet.  All the money I would ever need right now is going to gas to get me here and all the miscellaneous stuff that can't wait (i.e. stupidly priced computer chargers and food I can get crazy cheep here vs elsewhere).  For those who hate Wal-Mart for its commercialism and "stealing jobs from local places" and all that junk, just check your food bill for the month and see how much it will change by shopping there.  That'll probably change some minds.

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