December 13, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A cute hairstyle

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
(Incoming girly talk, fair warning.)

My roommate was practicing French braiding with my abnormally long hair yesterday.  This inspired me to braid my hair today, however my French braiding skills are at par with any other French-related activity I have: not so good.  (French bread making, French fry making, French kissing, they're all difficult for me.)  Luckily I know of some other braids that I am only partially better with.  My SPOTD for today is a cute hairstyle of a fishtail braid.  It might look a little silly because I did not have a mirror around, but my abnormally long hair is usually not in any way "fancy" so I'd say this counts.

Long hair can be styled in an infinite amount of ways, but I suck at 99.9% of them because:

- I'm lazy.  I'll admit my cranky morning self likes to get ready as quick as possible.  The longer the hair, the longer styling takes.  I usually care more about my snooze alarm than if my hair has style.

- I'm broke.  My hair is so thick and heavy that even if I tried these "quick" styles, there's no way they will stay up without a ton of hairspray, clips, and a variety of products that will cost me food.

- I've been picky.  Growing up, I used to always have semi short or medium length hair (above my shoulders) to where the laziness and cheapness was acceptable.  However, I was much more judgmental when it came to girly things, and hair to me epitomized girlyness.  Turns out, it's another form of self expression that is just too important to hate for selfish reasons.  This means more makeup, more floral patterns, more hair styles, and more reasons to be picky.

Less laziness, about the same amount of money, and a better understanding of my own style could get my hair to the next level of awesomeness if I let it so look out world: Mandy's hair is gonna get fancy up in here!

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