December 29, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Family chaos

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Every holiday season is different with my family.  With my immediate family, we tag team with my dad's side vs mom's side for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year we celebrated family-ness with the mom's side here in the Bay Area today at my grandmother's house with over-stuffing on food, belated present opening, and above all my SPOTD.  Today's is the family chaos that goes with 17 people and one dog crammed into a trailer-sized home for several hours.

Chaos comes with every type of family no matter:

- The Size.  My grandmother's home had three kids under 8 (four if you include the preggers aunt), four adults under 30, and eight adults over 30.  If significant others were present there would have been at least two more under 30.  And this is just my mom's side!  The dad's side is another story.

- The Type.  We all may be related by marriage or blood, but the only "type" of family that is spot on is the "related by marriage and blood" type.  Two of my uncles married awesome Asian ladies and both had adorable half-Asian babies, both over the age of 50.  My grandmother and step-grandmother both raised my mother and her three siblings (along with my grandfather who died when I was younger), so I have an extra grandmother.  The other sibling of my mother is separated with her husband but still get along like they're still living together.  My older cousins live/d in Australia and/or has a lot of tattoos and piercings.  My immediate family and one of my uncles live in other states (excluding me now, wahoo California) and the rest live in the Bay Area like they have most of their lives (I think).

- How perfect they seem.  I'm sure friends of mine who know of my family think this is a very loving, fun, and eclectic bunch... and they'd be right.  I can guarantee not every family is perfect.  Mine just happens to be... mine, and that's as perfect as it's gonna get.

Chaos and all, it's great to be around them.

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