December 1, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Great friends

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My SPOTD for today is knowing that I have great friends.  Most of my day consisted of helping my roommate move (we're all going our separate ways apartment-wise in the next week or so).  What stood out from all the heavy lifting (mostly them), key dropping (mostly me), body aches (all of us), and organization gitty (mostly me) was how lucky I am to have such great friends as we all "move on" to a next chapter in our lives if we haven't already started.

Building great friendships with others:

- Makes life more enjoyable.  Personal connections with others can be overrated during those times when you just wanna crawl in bed and not see or speak to anybody for days, but it's a human nature thing to want to be a part of a group you enjoy being around.  Friends, family, both, etc.

- Promotes anti-loneliness.  You can be alone and not FEEL alone.  That's what friends do when they're not around but are still your friends.

- Encourages obligations to help these friends move and pack and unload and reload all their sh*t, which I will be doing a lot more of for the foreseeable future with my own move fast approaching.

My back is killing me, there's a good change that sleeping in tomorrow will not be an option, and I may die of anxiety of both happiness for organization and sadness from nostalgia for what I'm leaving behind, but at least my friends are not being left behind.

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