December 21, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: I'M ALIVE!

For those who truly thought the world was going to end today, I am not sorry for you.  BUT at least the feeling of being alive is still something you have not given away like the rest of your belongings and money and pride!  The SPOTD for me is completely forgetting what time the world was supposed to end but it doesn't matter because hey I'm alive so it's all good.

Potential apocalypse preparation is a decent excuses for:

 - De-clutter-ifying!  If I'm gonna blow up or something, I may as well spruce up and clean out the place so I can get blown up surrounded by all my coolest stuff.  Or the coolest people if stuff is not as important to you and said cool people are available.

- Taking day off?  Fake a cough, come up with an excuse, and do something that is worth your last day of your life - if that's what you're into.  Sure some may see right through it, but none of them will be laughing if we are DEAD haha.  If that's your mindset...

 - Focusing on what matters most.  Whether you think the world will end or not, there's still not a 100% change that you will live through the next day.  Live, laugh, love, etc and make sure your life - however long it is - is a great one.

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