December 19, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: My new local cafe

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Coco Wednesdays have a change of scenery today for my SPOTD.  My new apartment is blocks away from a cute little artsy cafe that I pass during my commute to work.  Besides its adorableness and location convenience, it has great hot coco.  It tastes the same as some of the commercial coffee houses downtown (I mean come on, everybody lacks in the coco department except one place in the LA area that makes their own made from chocolate ganache), but it is still otherwise very good and warms me up in these abnormally cold mornings.

Cute cafe's are excellent places to grab a hot beverage in the morning for:

- It's atmosphere.  There's art everywhere, cute little community bulletin boards, and other quaint non-commercial fantasticalness that makes these places so unique.

- It's employees.  Yelp followers of this particular cafe are fond of the casual nice service from the employees, and what I have seen so far is that these guys are very nice and apologetic to their not-so-sufficient service at times.

- It's menu.  There's panini's and salads and fancy coffee drinks I wouldn't know what is in them, etc etc, a wayyyyy better selection of munchies than any coffee place downtown when it comes to food.  I myself haven't tried any of it yet due to my super new move but I'm definitely getting my butt back there and chomping on one of those panini's Yelp is blowing up over.

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