December 3, 2012

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Silly mistakes

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My SPOTD for today happened in a Target.  My mission was to get a new TV and a few food items.  With a television selected and food items pending, I strolled along in my shopping cart wondering if I should purchase anything semi-special for my pending move.  A stand of new movies called to me and I found myself purchasing a new animated film.  I only have a DVD player at home so my eye went straight for the DVD version of a film I wanted and I never looked back.  This is how my silly mistake happened: I purchased the Spanish version of the film without realizing it until I arrived home.  And I do not speak one lick of Spanish.

Silly mistakes happen all the time, including:

- During stressful/complicated situations when your mind is occupied elsewhere.  I could have just looked at the cover for a millisecond longer to realize the title itself had TWICE as many words as there should be BUT NO I'm too occupied in a moving frenzy to notice until I've already purchased it.

- Due to other people's stupidity.  Maybe there's somebody telling you one thing just to mess with you, or there's something silly they did to create a silly mistake domino effect.  Either way it's easy to blame others when you are not the only one to blame.

- No reason at all.  That's when my usual silly mistakes rear their ugly heads.  Today however only ended on an ugly note due to the fact that I have to go back to the store and return it before my receipt / returning window expires.  Or learn Spanish.

There's nobody else out there who makes fun of me more than myself, so go ahead and laugh at my silliness.

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