December 14, 2012

SPOTD: Christmas Music Marathon

What Mandy Thinks post: Simple Pleasure of the Day
Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day was due to an unfortunate car accident that tied up traffic (including me and the Beetle) for hours longer than my normal commute.  To pass the time, I broke out a Christmas music playlist.  From classics to hard rock moderns to general instrumentals, it made my 4 hour commute (that is normally a tolerable 1.5 hour commute) tolerable.

Extra long free time to divvy up holiday playlists also give you time to:

- Analyze the meanings of the songs or things in the songs.  What is a "bough" that a shining star is hung upon?  Why would any kid want a doll that only blinks?  Who pops chestnuts these days?

- Compare the versions of repeated songs with each other.  Which one has more of a Christmas-ey feeling?  Which one would you rather have to purchase?  Which one is so horrendous you cannot grasp the concept of somebody approving the version to be recorded?

- Wonder why you'd wait until December 14th to begin playing Christmas music!  UH, if only I wasn't in the middle of moving I would have been ALL UP in this playlist weeks ago.

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