December 18, 2012

SPOTD: Company Christmas Party!

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
The only company Christmas parties I have been to in my lifetime were US Forest Service parties with my parents (and maybe Park Service ones too as a kid, I don't remember).  Tonight, I finally attended a party for a company I work for.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day was my fancy-dancy BumeBox Christmas Party.  We ate at a fancy restaurant in the city, met the husbands and wives of coworkers, and stuffed our faces with appetizers and entrees with unpronounceable names.  There were even cute little paper gold crowns that a coworker gave us to make us look silly and awesome surrounded by fancily dressed people. 

Fancy company Christmas parties are always enjoyable because:
- If you're normally not a fancy person, it's an extra special occasion besides it being the holidays season.  This event called for a nice top and semi-nice jeans so I wouldn't completely stand out as one of those patrons that's "not supposed to be there."  Luckily everybody was semi-nice too so I fit in just fine.  (Especially with the paper crowns we are looked AWESOME.)

- It's with enjoyable people, hopefully.  I'm humbled to have such great people to work with, and all the spouses I met were great as well, so conversations and merriment were aplenty.

- Sometimes (though not always) the boss pays for everything.  Free fancy food?  Heck yes!

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