December 10, 2012

SPOTD: Deep breathing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today I am grateful to have lungs.  There was a lot of deep breathing as my Simple Pleasure of the Day.  Through my days stresses and anxieties (mostly about moving and cleaning and more moving and more cleaning), everything came down to the art of inhaling and exhaling to:

- Feel better as a whole.  Whether I'm breathing to calm myself down or to force myself through an unpleasant moment, deep breaths help it all.

- Feel better physically.  Heavy lifting and tiring cleaning takes lung power.  My sore muscles and dalmatian-spotted bruised legs prove I am physically doing a lot, so my lungs pick up the slack so I can still lift through the soreness and bruised-ness. 

- Feel better emotionally.  Stress from all the appointment making and time management through a move like the one I am in now just makes me want to have lungs twice the size of what I have currently so the rest of my body and brain can get so much oxygen that I'm filled with the euphoric sense of relaxation just for the extra H2O.

Excuse me while I attempt to suck all the glorious crisp night air out of my window.  It's delicious.

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