December 6, 2012

SPOTD: An empty office

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
I had a previous job in a sea of cubicles that inhabited no one and giant windows with a view of a populated world I envied for its popularity that was the opposite of Cubicle Sea.  Now I inhabit a "dungeon" basement office surrounded by pharmacy storage and an office of a mysterious company with 90s technology as its only regular employees.  Since the schedule of the average BumeBoxer varies depending on the day, I found myself blocked by a locked door that announced I was the first to show up this morning.  Since this was the first time this happened, I stumbled through silencing the alarm and unlocking the chained fence that grids the office space.  I waited for office loneliness to hit me as the morning moseyed along, but it never came.  This my Simple Pleasure of the Day: contentment from solitude in an empty office.

An empty office is the perfect time for:

- Blasting music, which I didn't remember to do until somebody showed up and my time was up.

- Productive work if you're a good employee who prefers less distraction.  Or procrastination "nobody's gonna see me do this" time for a bad employee.

- Setting up a harmless office prank for your coworkers to discover once they get in the office.  This I did not do but I thought about it just now as I created this list and am KICKING MYSELF for not thinking of it twelve hours ago.  Oh well... there's always next time...

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