December 24, 2012

SPOTD: Family movie night

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
I thought I'd stray from the fact that it is Christmas Eve because that's obviously a simple pleasure.  Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day would be watching a movie in the living room with my family.  Since I am not home as often as I would like, it's nice to have a good night in being all family-bonding-like.

Family movie nights are excellent especially:

- Because movie watching alone is stereotypically sad and pathetic.  I love going to a theater alone and watching movies alone (quite frankly so I can yell at the screen and have conversations with myself as the movie progresses to help me get through the plot of the movie whether I like it or not), however it does get lonely at times.

- For the bonding of it all.  Movie watching is something that connects people to a specific subject.  Movie watchers have things in common such as knowing the same movie quotes, acknowledging the same movie jokes, and all-around taste in movies matching or clashing.  This movie we saw tonight is a generically family-friendly animated movie that we can all now reference later in our daily lives when we see fit, or just move on and silently recognize that we all have seen the movie.

- As a way to digest a crazy huge meal without actually doing anything but sitting down and accepting the movie with your eyes and ears.  Let that stomach grumble in digestive rivalries while your feed yourself sensual entertainment.  Zero calories per serving (unless you're munching during).

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