December 2, 2012

SPOTD: Ice cream for lunch

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
When life gets stressful, ice cream is probably not that far away if this is my life we're talking about.  And we are!  Moving and helping friends move and trying to remember all the appointments, schedules of others, and your own messed up schedule does not leave much time for food.  So when I had some free time, I wolfed down a bowl of my Simple Pleasure of the Day: mint chocolate ice cream for lunch.

Ice cream can be a great stress reliever (and substitute for an afternoon meal) because:

- Delicious squishy food that is horrible for you and not considered to be a traditional main course of a meal for any time of the day just sounds like a great idea regardless of the calorie count.

- Cake, cookies, and other treats that are dry in nature just weigh you down in a way that ice cream cannot.  I'd go for smooshy, creamy goodness over crunchy, flaky blahness any day.  (For the record, cake and cookies are spectacular in their own right, but just feel blah in terms of stressful situations.  I want to drown my sorrows, not get buried in crumbs.)

- It's always available at any store no matter what season.  Although enjoying cold things during cold days is a double entente I do not recommend practicing unless the need presents itself (ahem STRESS).

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