December 8, 2012

SPOTD: "It matches!"

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
FINALLY.  I've been searching for new towels to match my new apartment bathroom's theme of lavender-ness.  But they didn't have to be JUST lavender, the towels themselves had to be of matching quality to the ones I wish to not give up to my now former roommate because they are technically hers and gosh darnit I'm used to this standard!  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is the successful find of a complete matching bathroom set in my favorite color at the quality I desired.  Or technically it's the joy of finding the perfect towels where everybody in my isle heard me squeal "It matches!"

Matching bathroom items could:

- Make your arguably least liked room into a more enjoyable space.  There is way to have a mix-matched bathroom is is pleasing to you, but with me heck no MATCHING EVERYTHING pleases me to the greatest extent when it comes to a small space away from the rest of my crazy apartment.

- Be hard to find.  If your taste is to a "high level" where a flimsy Wal-Mart towel is not acceptable especially if it doesn't come in a color or pattern your desire, it's going to be harder to find what you want if the only reason why you're searching at Wal-Mart first is because you're flat broke from all the deposits needing to be purchased for the fore mentioned new apartment that is currently towel-less.  Unfortunately for me, it was easier to find what i wanted when my towel matching budget tripled.

- Cause side effects of contentment and/or anxiety depending on your personal preference in the matter of matching.  I hate overly-matching things in my living space because it's just boring and not original and just not FUN.  The rest of my new apartment will be a crazy knit-knacked splash of colors and what others consider clutter, but at least my bathroom will coordinate so SUCK IT overly-matched people!  Take a deep breath in my bathroom if the rest of my place intimidates you.

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