December 4, 2012

SPOTD: New perspectives

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Once in a while I get lost in thought during my commute.  Whether it was on a train and I almost fell asleep in the process or it was driving down the highway and missing an exit, my thoughts tend to run away with me more than usual.  Like today's Simple Pleasure of the Day which happens to be my second example.  I missed my highway exit and turned around at the next one, creating a new perspective for the morning.

New perspectives are great for:

- Throwing off your brain from the routine.  First impressions of anything give off immediate no-holds-bar triggers in your brain that are like "HEY wait a minute this is not familiar to me at all!" or "This is familiar but different WHY?!"  In my case for this morning, I saw an exit ramp and some rolling grassy hills I would not have seen if I decided to be mundane and take my actual exit ramp that is so repetitive to me that I'm yawning just thinking about it.

- Inspiration starters.  One time I decided to take a later train from school that was a few minutes longer because I was in no rush.  That train had a newspaper page scattered in the seat I decided to sit in, which got me thinking of a story idea for a writing class.  It's one of my favorite stories I've written and it would not have been possible if I decided to take my usual train.

- Mixing up your routine.  If my "mundane" and "usual" language here wasn't enough, I'll bash you over the head with it.  Routines can get boring after a while, loosing the luster they once had from its first impression.  Mix it up, people!

Just decide to live ON THE EDGE one day and walk a different route, take a bus to a part of town you haven't been to before, EXPLORE THE GREAT WIDE OPEN or whatever just because you can.  It's GREAT.  (Unexpectedness can be a side effect as well as lateness if your spontaneousness makes you tardy to work so be cautious on that front.)

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