December 12, 2012

SPOTD: A place to park.

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Simple Pleasure of the Day is a place to park my car.  With seven days past my move-in date and a busy / noob manager finally getting his act together, I finally have a parking spot in my unit.  No more praying I don't hit somebody as I attempt to parallel park on a street that is 99.9% full of cars on a minutely basis.

Hauling all my junk from my new spot into my new apartment is so much easier now that:

- I don't have to rush to get to my car in the "loading zone" area that I'm not technically supposed to park in.  My paranoia has me thinking that an employee of the complex could ticket me at any second or somebody could report my car and then an employee of the complex could ticket me BUT now that my spot is secure, my paranoia can only jump so high.

- Most of my junk is moved in already.  It's as if my building manager knew what level of loading I was in so he waited until most of my boxes of stuff (that I have used my Tetris skills to stuff into my car) were unloaded before granting me a legal spot to park.  My arms would be 27% less soar and legs 15% less bruised if this manager of mine were more on top of things.

- My furniture will be moved this weekend.  My wimpy little Beetle can't hold any of my furniture, so it's only use for the day is to follow my friend's pickup truck that has all my furniture in it and of course keep my new spot filled while said pickup is unloaded.

The Beetle needs a home just as much as my Self does, so I'm happy to call spot #4 home.

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