December 30, 2012


What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My football team has CLINCHED the playoffs!  Sure we're not #1 where we get a by week the first week of playoffs BUT STILL.  This year's looking spectacular.  Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day may be a smidge selfish, but my team in the playoffs can be justified by the fact that TONS of other people are celebrating this fact with me.  SO THERE.  (I'm screaming because I'm EXCITED!)

Seeing your favorite team doing well is great because:

- It could temporarily lift your spirits.  Bad day at work?  Almost get cut off on the freeway?  Well at least your team is doing well, right?

- You can celebrate with other fans.  It may not be Superbowl worthy party-wise, but at least there's something for you and your fan friends to talk about.  "Great game!"  "Check out the ARM on that guy, wow!"  "Did you see last night's game?  It was awesome!"  Etc, etc.

- Seeing your favorite team SUCK OUT LOUD for sooooooooooo long and then looking so good after all these years make the celebrating even sweeter.

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