December 28, 2012

SPOTD: Random stranger compliments

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
With my hair being abnormally long for the average me, it's plain to see that daily styling it is also abnormal.  I am the laziest person in the morning, so the most I can manage is  a giant braid of braids tied it with a fancy flowery hair tie to make it seem like I truly care about my appearance.  A stranger at the gas station with similar long hair to mine took notice and ended up giving me my Simple Pleasure of the Day: a random stranger complimenting me on how my hair looked really nice.

Random stranger compliments make you feel warm and fuzzy, especially when they are:

- Unexpected.  I know the word "random" implies the unexpectedness, but this hairstyle did not seem so fantastic to me yet somebody else thought it was fantastic enough to let me know about it.

- Not back-handed.  In the universe of complimenting, there's a type of complimenting that only benefits the complimenter in a negative fashion and that is back-handedness.  Like "That dress is hideous but it doesn't look to bad on you."  There was no hate involved in my particular situation, thank goodness.

- Inspirational.  My compliment-er today commented on how my giant braid looks good on me, and how she's never tried that style before and totally will now.  I helped this lady add an awesome hairstyle to her Hairstyle Idea Bank and that feels like doing a minor-upon-minor good deed in its own way.  If I ever see this lady again with this particular hairstyle I will point and "AHA!" at her because I gave her that idea and I'm sure it'll probably look just as nice on her as it does on me.

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