December 22, 2012


What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Once again, I am trapped inside a car for hours longer than I should.  The weather may have been the cause of my delayed travels this time around, but at least it was a glorious sight fit for the time of the year.  Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day is the fluffy chilly miracle that is snow blanketing my universe currently.

Snow is the best kind of winter weather because:

- Cold weather outside dressed up in white is not so bad most of the time.  If it's gonna be freaking FREEZING outside, may as well enjoy it with a fancy'd up scenery of the white stuff, yes?

- It's an excuse to break out all your puffy ill-fitting coats, gloves, sweats, boots, hats, etc and go outside!  Who cares what you look like if you're toasty warm in your own body heat and layers?  Mother Nature may be trying to break through your puffy winter shell but she's not getting in.  It's kind of great.

- There are sports that can only be done in snow.  Snowboarding, skiing, toboggan-ing, bobsledding, other types of sledding, etc.  Can't think of any rain-themed sports?

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