December 26, 2012

SPOTD: Turkey Sandwiches

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Another long drive in the snow for me today.  Luckily I had my Simple Pleasure of the Day to keep my spirits up: turkey leftovers in one kick-ass sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy as a lunchtime deliciousness pick-me-up.

Sandwiches and road trips go together like:

- Grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken soup.  The soup choice is not stereotypical, but a warm soup with a warm sandwich just seems right regardless.

- Trail Mix and bike riding.  Though a healthy snack through a semi-leisure activity sounds great, it's advisable to keep the snack in a pouch that's easy to eat and drive with.

- Airplanes and cashews.  Peanuts are the staple airline nut, yet nuts in general on planes are still pretty darn interesting.

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