January 22, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Coffee shop writing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
For the first time, in my blogging (and writing) history, I have yet to be sitting at a coffee house blogging and/or writing until today.  My SPOTD is embracing the cultural hipster stereotype of writing in a coffee shop.

Taking part in coffee shop writing can be:

- A nice change of scenery.  Practicing creative activities such as writing in one particular spot all the time can drain all the creative juices out of you.  Spend some time in various places to refresh your perspective.

- Research.  What is your topic or who is your character you look to write while in this coffee shop?  Do they work at a coffee shop in your story?  Do you just need to do some people watching to get some ideas?  Then go for it!

- The worst idea ever so take my advice with a grain of salt.  If you're not a people person (or a coffee person), then this is probably not the best place to go for you.  Today I happen to be changing up my usual schedule to be in a social coffee-driven place and that's fine with me.  Not so fine with those who can't leave their house.

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