January 28, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Company Walks

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Apparently companies who walk around the block every once in a while as a group are more productive and alert and stuff (don't ask me where I got this, blame my boss if it's inaccurate).  Today it was me who suggested we finally do one of these "company walks" and it turned out to be my SPOTD.  Only a handful of us did so and ended up getting coffee on the way back (which will probably just undo whatever we walked off by adding more junk to your body BUT whatever).

Getting up and walking around as a group can:

- Be kind of lonely if you're the only one open to the idea.  There were a few of us this time, but out of the 10ish people that could be in the office daily, a 10-person walk will be more rewarding than a one person one.

- Take away from super tight deadlines, so make sure there's 10-15 free minutes in your schedule to do the group walk thing.

- Remind you of the time of day.  The tiny clock at the top of my screen is not something I am drawn to all the time, and my office is in a basement with no clue of the weather outside.  Walks like these will present you with the perspective refresh needed.  And it's an added bonus if the time of day you go out is mid afternoon on a super sunny day in light-jacket temperatures.  Very nice.

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