January 10, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Funny Websites

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
There are times when friends link me to the ugliest, poorly constructed website just so I can get a kick out of it.  Today, however, my SPOTD can come in the form of a fantastic landing page of a "coming soon" placeholder until the full website is ready.  There's little animated illustrations of a beat-boxing character and more.  (In fact, I will link it here in hopes your day will be made as mine has with the hilarity that ensues: http://www.buenothebear.com/)  Let this funny website load and soak up the awesomeness.

Funny landing pages cannot be compared to websites so poor they are funny because:

- You're more likely want to see the intentionally hilarious website more than the poor website that's just so bad it's funny.  Most bad websites I see, I go "oh wow that's horrid," get a chuckle out of it, and move on.  The funny landing page I saw today is so wonderful I refreshed the page a few times just to see the giraffe pop up and the break-dancing beetle (told you there would be hilarity).

- Bad websites have the potential to stay online longer than funny ones.  Not sure if this is a personal stat I've noticed that isn't true to in generic terms, but if I bookmark a funny little website like the one highlighted in this post, it will be replaced by something else.  A bad website on any given day does not think it is bad at all so it just stays bad for so long I could have a heart attack.  View the funny website while you can, people!

- Speaking of bad sites thinking they're not bad, there's plenty of people out there who could see a website that I think is heart attack worthy, but there are some who think it is just great or excellent even!  The humanity!  Funny stuff has a better change of being found funny than bad stuff being determined as bad.  Just the way the ball rolls or whatever expression I want to say but can't think of.  That is all.

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