January 20, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Gluttony

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
It may be a sin, but there is oh so much care I do not give.  My SPOTD is my urge to eat everything in sight for no reason out of gluttony.

Sins such as gluttony are OK to indulge in lightly (and I emphasize lightly here) on occasion because:

- The recommendations to not sin all the time just get old and makes me want to rebel from it at any chance I can.  Good thing one of my new years resolutions was not to "eat right" in any way, and the only witness to my food gorging was my cat who could not stop me no matter how much he pawed at my plate.  This particular day is just a very hunger-driven one, no other reason than waking up feeling like I haven't eaten in days.  I've got plenty of not so glutenous days ahead of me, so I'm gonna let this one be a fattening one!

- Non-sinful activities may not be as enjoyable.  From personal experience only, most healthy foods I've tried are just... bleh.  Sure they're tolerable in the taste department, sure they fill you up in a good way where you're not moaning from eating.

- Life's short!  Have that extra bowl of sugary cereal.  Add extra dressing to your salad.  How many days do we all have left on this earth to where we can't LIFE A LITTLE sometimes?

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